Gratitude for the People in My Life

28 Day Gratitude Practice
Counting My Blessings: Day 12 Gratitude for the People in My Life

Today I am full of gratitude for the people in my life who help me in so many ways…

1. Emotional sharing helps me feel soul connected and not alone on this journey of life, giving me a glimpse into eternal joy…
2. Technical support helps me be successful in my online work. Just yesterday I asked a technically gifted friend for some simple PC computer advice, and within 3 hours I had a new computer on my desktop, installed and functional… totally amazing!
3. Physical support gives me an arm to lean on when I need it. The status of my physical health and strength varies day to day. Sometimes I’m absolutely fine. Sometimes I feel a bit off balance. I so appreciate the kind patience of those I am close to – they seem to have an awareness of my needs and offer assistance without being asked. And they let me do it myself when I can.
4. I am grateful for my amazing clients! They appreciate my efforts on their behalf and the results they receive. It is a blessing to have work that I enjoy.
5. I am grateful for my Facebook friends. I know that when I feel a bit scattered, 10 minutes on my FB feed and I am inspired, calmed, encouraged, challenged and loved.
6. I am grateful for spiritual tools mentors who show me how to explore the path to be more fully present, more fully connected to divine spirit, to more easily flow through my life experiences awake, aware, and on purpose… without resistance or fear.
7. I am grateful for the trust I see in my grandchildren’s eyes, when they come to me for love, acceptance, encouragement, guidance, and faith… This is when I know I still have much to live for…
8. I am so grateful for this curious, divine experience of physical embodiment… that my eternal spirit has the opportunity to feel waves of emotion and explore what these emotions mean to me…
9. I am grateful that I can choose the emotions that I prefer. I have the power to simply turn away from that which I perceive as being a negative influence on me… and turning more fully toward that which feels supportive and joyful.
10. I am grateful that though I have lived a good number of years already, in some ways I feel my life is just beginning…

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
It is done, It is done, It is done.

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