Authentic Healing is Possible

Wellness Begins and is Sustained at the Core of Who You Are.
SoulTalk Sessions Clear Away All That is Not You, so the Real You Can Shine.

Appreciate Your Past, Find Power in the Present,
Create a Joyful, Prosperous New Future.

“All Success is Powered from the Light Within.” – Jo Lyn Cornelsen

Heal Body, Mind & Spirit

Get to the heart & soul of the matter in a definable way.

Regain Clarity & Focus

Become more clear, balanced, centered & connected.

Become Your Best Self

Trust yourself more.
Be calm & confident.


“Our potential for healing is programmed within us.  We just need to stop blocking it and let it flow.” – Jo Lyn Cornelsen

Body Systems Balancing

3 Hour Deep Dive Healing Session
  • Intro to Intuitive Healing
  • Integrated Teaching/Healing
  • 3 Hour Core Healing Session
  • Session Performed Remotely
  • Authentic Healing Deep Dive
  • Healing Visualization
  • Screening of 12 Body Systems
  • Identify Physical Issues/Pain
  • Session Priorities Established
  • Discover Underlying Causes
  • Release Blocks & Imbalances
  • Harmonize Systems
  • Intuitive Blessings
  • Written Session Summary
  • Next Steps for Authentic Healing
  • May Require Multiple Sessions

As I sought natural healing for myself and my family,
I studied a variety of energy therapy modalities and read extensively.
My SoulTalk process naturally emerged as I became more in-tune and accomplished in this sacred work.
SoulTalk is a combination of the gifts of healing and intercessory prayer,
the use of energy healing tools, and intuitive downloads specifically focused for you, as my client.

Authentic Healing is Possible.
If you are suffering from some kind of life trauma, disability, health issues,
money issues, relationship challenges or difficult emotions,
know that these are simply symptoms of underlying imbalances,
trapped emotions or residual energies, and they can be addressed.

Reading this is an indication that you are ready to shift into a more positive version of you.
When you click the Register Button and arrange for your SoulTalk Sessions,
the payment platform will send you (and me) an email receipt,
and redirect you to a page explaining how we will connect for your sessions.

I look forward to working with you!  Blessings – Jo Lyn

Dear Jo Lyn,  I want to bless you beyond measure for the session you did for me!  I look forward to connecting again so I can learn more, but a few items jumped out at me.  First of all, I was trying at the same time to discover what my heart wall was made of and I wrote down what I thought it was.  Your session report confirmed that and even told me more detail!   Second, I know now what happened to me as a baby and I feel so happy to have that old emotional energy resolved. The other holistic treatments I have tried only gave me an idea that something might have happened, but then I had nowhere to put it – no way of doing anything about it to heal emotionally.  Thanks to your kindness and insight I feel so grateful to be able to simply put that behind me and move forward.  I no longer feel stuck. I thank you for recommending the books so I could better understand the work you do.  I want to share this amazing holistic healing method with all of my family that will accept it.  I am very grateful for the detail and the depth of your SoulTalk. I think everyone needs this intuitive soul work done. I know I still have more work to do, going forward, but I am so hopeful that I can’t stop sharing my experience. Thank you! Love, Marie
Marie Franklin

Jo Lyn, precious girl, deeply and completely, I honor you and your transparency in healing. When you dive into the depths of situational triggers and come up for air, trailing broken stars and shining wings, you carve a path of healing for yourself, your husband and those of us fortunate enough to step into your circle of recognition.

Jeanie Brosius King

Personal Change Specialist

” Like so many people I have counseled as a trainer and weight management consultant, one little choice at a time, I ended up in a bad cycle of eating things I knew I shouldn’t.   After months of those poor choices, I felt terrible, but unable to break the cycle.  I had just admitted to myself that I was addicted to sugar, when I chose to meet with Jo Lyn.   I truly never anticipated how much of an impact that session would be. I literally have no more cravings for sweets. Initially, I just seemed to want water instead, and over the next week as I kept sweets out of my diet, I didn’t experience the sugar withdrawal headache I had experienced when I had tried to quit sugar previously.  I felt in control and able to make decisions consistent with the health and wellness principles I know to be true. That was amazing!  I have been praying daily, about releasing the sugar addiction and applying the healing power of the atonement to this situation.  I am working on keeping my energy focused on health and well being. I have to tell you – this is a miracle to me.  I am so grateful!  I feel like myself again, and it feels really good!”

Amber Carlyle

Legal Office Administrator, Personal Fitness Trainer

Jo Lyn,
Thank you from the full measure of my heart.
A surprise was the tooth meridian. I have had a tooth that has felt “off” for a long time. When I read what you did  I checked in with in. It feels normal now and very happy! Thank you.
I shall talk to my dad now. I am clear. Thank you.

You are amazing.
I awoke early with energy today and got up. Love being ready to meet the early day. My mind was creating my list of healing tools and I was receiving guidance on how and when to proceed with a new client.
I feel amazing and more focused.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You have inspired me as I knew you would. Thank you my friend.
With much appreciation,
Kathy Richardson

Intuitive Healer

I am grateful for my intuition and insights have led me to the true cause of my lower back issue…My father had back issues for decades…I cleared that all the way back down the ancestral line…it had to do with betrayals…it must have been brought forward by the session with Jo Lyn Cornelsen…and the fact that it’s time to clear it. I am also grateful that I have the tools/friends to deal with it and that my ancestors are cooperating/willing… thanks.

Gilbert Betito Caceres

What is SoulTalk Energy Healing?

There exists underlying emotional, subconscious or subtle energetic components to every dis-ease or dis-order. Holistic practitioners use gentle, non-invasive, holistic healing processes to shift these energies and support the natural healing processes of the body, mind and spirit.

I have studied several modalities of energy healing, and in the practice of doing my own and my family’s energy healing work, I developed my own intuitive system I call “SoulTalk”.  In SoulTalk, I use tried-and-true energy healing methods plus my own sacred gifts of intuitive healing, intercessory prayer, and empathy on behalf of others. SoulTalk is my intuitive method of releasing these underlying imbalances and sharing the healing power of divine compassion.

This shifting of internal energetic patterns can help relieve sub-conscious stress and open up subtle energy flow so you can feel more free and clear, and more fully live and express your soul purpose and mission in your life.

SoulTalk Sessions are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Rather, SoulTalk is an intuitive spiritual practice, a combination of the gift of intercessory prayer and holistic healing techniques, designed to re-connect soul with source and open the way for authentic healing of the body/mind/spirit. – Jo Lyn Cornelsen

How Do We Meet for SoulTalk Sessions?

An amazing feature of living in this modern-day world is the blessing of technology.  I work from home, serving SoulTalk clients around the globe.  When you register for your session, your receipt email will be sent from the payment platform directly to your inbox.  You’ll be shown the “SoulTalk Next-Steps” page on my website, with specific instructions on how to connect.    I also receive email notification from the payment platform.

Together, we choose dates and times for your SoulTalk Sessions. I like to “meet” you on Facebook chat or Skype for the first part of our session, to become acquainted with you and what you are looking to accomplish, and to answer your questions about SoulTalk Sessions.  Then, for the actual session, I work remotely, usually in the early morning hours when I am most spiritually in-tune.  I’ll document what I discover, what I am able to release on your behalf, and let you know what I find that still needs to be addressed.

This work is sacred, as it assists you in clearing the subtle energies inside you, opening the flow for you to receive an increased measure of divine love and light from above, and to more easily go forward with an increase in affluence and joy.

Which type of SoulTalk sessions should I register for, and how many sessions will I need?

The SoulTalk Sessions were designed mindfully, with the intent for creating the highest and best outcome.  As I do this sacred work for myself and others, I have noticed that when four main aspects of the body-mind-spirit are addressed, the rest of the work is more effective. Heart Wholeness, Spirit Connection, Body Energy Flow, and Body Systems Clearing and Alignment are essential aspects of Authentic Healing. The 90 Day 12 Session Holistic Healing Intensive includes all these processes. The Single Focus Session is primarily for those who have already done some deep healing work, and feel the need to reboot or refresh.  Or, you may select this to “test the waters” so-to-speak. Start with what feels right for you.

How do I know if the Healing Session is helping me?

Each person, their health situation, and their level of conscious intuitive awareness is unique, so your results will be unique to you. During and after your SoulTalk Session, pay attention to the messages your body gives you.  You may notice a deep breath, a sigh, a relaxation of muscles, a release of tightness in your posture, a calming of your mind – these are indications of energy shift within your body. Some sessions provide immediate symptomatic relief, others may need a two or three day processing time.

Be gentle with yourself. Don’t try to force the healing – simply be open to releasing, allowing, and receiving the results your body, mind and spirit are ready to accept. There is no need to be afraid of a SoulTalk session – part of my process includes intuitive connection with the Divine Source, and requesting only the changes that are for your highest and best good.

Can I Cancel or Reschedule?

SoulTalk Sessions, once given, are not a product or commodity that can be returned for value. In the spirit of mutual respect, your purchase is permission for me to do intuitive healing work on your behalf.  If you schedule a session and for any reason cannot attend, I will do a remote session and send you your session report via email.

“There is no virtue in waiting to hit absolute rock bottom before making needed changes in your life.  Each moment of each day is precious.  It is possible for you to easily and quickly clear old negative patterns and let go of dis-empowering thoughts and beliefs.  Not only is it possible, it is time… time to begin living your truth now… in more light and joy.” – Jo Lyn Cornelsen

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