“I get instant results every time, plus long residual results, from the Compassion Key Sessions with Jo Lyn. When life is out of balance, the tentacles of anguish can extend their reach into every part of my being. When I am able to forgive and let go, it changes everything. From my heart to yours Jo Lyn, sending love and light in gratitude every day. There is nothing that cannot be healed through the power of compassion.”

Alaine Shrewsbury

Green Heart Bakery, AZ

Your patience and acceptance of the way things are for the moment set the stage in allowing, for healing, all in divine time. Thank you Jo Lyn for sharing your journey. You inspire me daily. You point out a different perspective that gives hope when I am up against a wall and know there is another way but can’t quite see it. You are a blessing!
Celeste McFarlen

Dear Jo Lyn, I really love the wise and encouraging words you share.
Thank you.
Emma Wahlstrom

Jo Lyn, thank you from the full measure of my heart. You are amazing. I awoke early with energy today and got up. Love being ready to meet the early day. My mind was creating my list of healing tools and I was receiving guidance on how and when to proceed with a new client. I feel amazing and more focused. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have inspired me as I knew you would. Thank you my friend. With much appreciation…

Kathy Richardson

Intuitive Healer

Dear Jo Lyn,  I want to bless you beyond measure for the session you did for me! …  I thank you for helping me understand what energy healing work is, and how it can help me and my family. I no longer feel stuck. I want to share this amazing healing tool with all of my family that will accept it.  I am very grateful for the detail and the depth of your SoulTalk.  I think everyone needs this work done…and I know I still have more work to do, going forward.  Love,  Marie
Marie Franklin

Your work is so beautiful Jo Lyn. It has a feeling of such elegance about it. Thank you!

Judy Nelson Siegfried


Thank you for sharing your process, dear Jo Lyn… Thanks to you i now also have value as a Human Being.

Debra Taylor

Jo Lyn, precious girl, deeply and completely, I honor you and your transparency in healing. When you dive into the depths of situational triggers and come up for air, trailing broken stars and shining wings, you carve a path of healing for yourself, your husband and those of us fortunate enough to step into your circle of recognition.
Jeanie Brosius King

Personal Change Specialist

“Jo Lyn, I again thank you for your insightful gift of sharing what most often lifts me up. I just wanted to let you know you are much appreciated for being alive at this time – for seeing what you see and pointing out what I may miss.  You turn my attention to what will help me at just the right time. I just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful intuitive gift for your postings. I also want to commend you for overcoming your struggles and moving forward – out of this has come your gifts and observations that support and lift so many others. I am very grateful you are alive…”
Janis Tidwell

I am grateful for Jo Lyn Cornelsen you have been so transparent with your process that on my commute I had a breakthrough using your scripts as an example, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Celeste McFarlen

Hi Jo Lyn! I feel so, so deeply grateful. It’s funny, I had so much resistance … but I know the truth. It was resistance to going the depth I needed to go. I’m feeling exhausted today, kind of like I went through a washing machine, but I’m also excited and feel a fluttering in my heart for the possibility of experiencing a new normal. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! … You are such a supportive facilitator, so gentle, kind and compassionate. I feel like I was really seen for the first time, and I so deeply appreciate your patience and the extra time you spent with me. With all my heart, Jane
Jane Allen Chaisson

“Thank you Sooooo much for an amazing transformative session.  I learned so much from you.  You’re great! It felt like a life changing event, I am confident that some wounded part has evaporated.  I loved witnessing how that tiny bit of feeling in my chest was connected to a chasm of history.  It was like looking at the rocks and finding a vein of gold!”

Jeannette Nelson

Professional Counselor

I am awed by your healing work. I wish I could come and watch, learn and observe your inspired healing. (Fly on the wall Your active imagination and elegant use of your healing gifts inspires and teaches us ways we may have never thought of to implement healing in our own lives, families and friends. Thank you from all of us for your gift to the world as you share your light with all of us.

Peggy Stallings

SoulPrint Healing Friend

Re: http://jolyncornelsen.com/value-as-a-human-being/ …. Thank you, Jo Lyn! This rings true for me as well. I realized while doing birth clearings that my Dad wanted a boy first, also. So much of my life has been trying to overdo the masculine energy, and the right side of my body is where all my physical weaknesses show up! I think it will help to revisit this and do a more thorough clearing, because my “don’t deserve it” thoughts are around being the capable adult having success and creating income.

Deb Dougal

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