An Intercessory Prayer for Love and Light

An Intercessory Prayer for Love and Light

An Intercessory Prayer for Love and Light

I awake
In the stillness of the night
And see the widow’s face.
Torn between loyalty for her erstwhile spouse
The father of her children…
And the new love she has found in the here and now.

Her husband’s illness while in this mortal realm
Was known by very few…
And on the eve of beginning a new chapter,
She looks back through the years that brought her to this place in time,
And laments that her love was not enough buffer
To hold him steady in life’s course.
After decades of twisted highs and lows
He chose suicide to set her free…

She has moved on as they had planned, but
His spirit lingers, still stuck in dusky twilight.
Just beyond the veil,

He gazes back and questions his anguished choice to leave
Especially now as he sees she has truly turned toward another.

And now,
In the stillness of this night I am summoned to service.
These two are not my blood kin,
Just kindly friends in the Gospel of Christ.
I have no earthly permission to intercede on their behalf,
But awakened by their angels
Their faces shine clearly in my mind’s eye.
I ask if I may use the Sacred Gifts, Compassion, Healing and Intercessory Prayer
On their behalf.
The answer is YES, so
I begin the process.
Will she and her children be safe with this new love?
Is he still stuck in fear?
Is it ok for me to request the power of God’s love to heal him?

The healer in me whispers to his soul
“Turn around and face the light”.
But his sorrow is too deep to hear the message…
So I palm his head in my hands
And turn his anguished soul around
Like a mother turns the head of a child to redirect his full attention.

This breaks the hold of darkness and
He lifts his eyes,
barely daring to hope…
That the light he perceives
May perhaps be shining… for him?

His heart leaps and he steps forward,
And in that simple act of faith
The light shines brighter, beckoning…

A few more steps with arms outstretched…
He reaches and enters the light,
Tears streaming down his ruddy face as
The Resurrected Lord enfolds him in Eternal Love …

And he is welcomed,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,
It is done, it is done, it is done.

– Jo Lyn Cornelsen

The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time

Today I am grateful for the Gift of Time.  Time to be introspective.  Time to focus on this amazing Gratitude practice.  Time to share it with others. I’m only on Day 7, but the blessings are already coming into my circle of awareness.

I have been journaling my experience of this 28 Day Gratitude Practice on Facebook, and some people asked if I would guide them along in the process, too.  So I created a Facebook Group for the 28 Day Gratitude Practice, and invited them and a few other like-minded friends to join together and ring in this New Year with joy.  It’s only been up for a few hours, but I am grateful for the positive response.  At last count over 80 people have joined in. I will post the daily practice as outlined in “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne, along with my personal practice journal entries.  Group members are invited to post their experiences and thoughts, too. It will be available there to remember and renew the practice of gratitude whenever needed.

28 Day Gratitude Practice: Day 7, Counting My Blessings

  1. Today I am grateful for serendipitous synchronicities… those things that just seem to show up when and where they are needed.Three days ago I took time out of a busy day to watch and take notes on a Robbins Madanes Training video, where a coach was coached on how to enroll clients. There were several specific points that stood out to me. Two days later I received a request for business coaching… and serendipitously, I knew just how to respond.
    That same day, my daughter was asked by her employer to do free-lance coaching/tutoring for one of his counseling clients to specifically help her through the fearful task of filing her taxes and managing her money. My daughter is well qualified to do so and was honored to accept, but unsure about how to structure the process. I read her the notes I took from the video and how I responded to the request for coaching that came to me… it was perfect for her needs, too. Oh yes, I love serendipitous synchronicities.

    2. I am grateful for great friends and family who reach out in small ways to lift, inspire, and encourage me, and each other, along this path of purpose.

    3. I am grateful for the sacred spiritual gifts that God imparts to human hearts… that we are each empowered with the abilities we need to create in our lives, that which we truly seek.

    4. I am grateful for the gift of time. Time gives a semblance of structure and organization to our world. Time gives us a context within with to celebrate accomplishments and special days…

    5. I am grateful for circles, for their inclusiveness.

    6. I am grateful for squares, for their symmetry. So I can experience “stepping out of the box”.

    7. I am grateful for randomness. Randomness allows variety and sparks creativity.

    8. I am grateful for the law of gravity. So I can experience connectedness and ground with Mother Earth.

    9. I am grateful for the sky. I always have something to look up to.

    10. I am grateful for music. Music is art + math + science rolled together. Beautiful music brings order to my mind, calmness to my body, and peace to my spirit.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    It is done, It is done, It is done.

    Jo Lyn Cornelsen

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