Receiving Gifts

Receiving Gifts

Receiving Gifts: The Blessings of Gratitude

I felt a bit frazzled by a demanding schedule early in my day, so I didn’t take the time to focus on counting my blessings this morning. I felt slightly discouraged, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to complete the whole 28 days as planned.  But the universe had a different experience in mind for me.

During the course of this very day, I found myself constantly receiving gifts, freely given.  I noticed them only because I have been cultivating an attitude of gratitude. They came in present moments… quietly, unobtrusively…

Here are my 10 blessings from today, day five of my 28 Day Gratitude Practice.

Receiving Gifts in Gratitude

1. I received the gift of free admission to an online Spiritual Mastery course.
2. I received another installment of payment from one of my clients. I do love working with my clients, creating the results they are looking for, and receiving their thanks. It’s win win.
3. I received the benefit of working independently when I exercised my freedom to change my schedule as needed.
4. I received one-on-one coaching in how to use a powerful online budgeting app. As I get better at using it, I am empowered for regular money management and future purchases. This is a big change for me, but I am beginning to find it fun!
5. I received two good books by great authors. Sweet.
6. I received an increase in gratitude for technology, especially including the internet and my computer, which allow me to reach out far beyond my tiny life and touch the lives of others.
7. I received kind expert advice from a professional… that helped me make a good decision
8. I received increased insight about myself, how my brain works, and what thought habit patterns are ready to be changed.
9. I received increased awareness that so many of my family and friends are like-minded people who care deeply about each other and about approaching daily life from an inspired perspective. They inspire me.
10.  As my gratitude practice continues, I am again struck by the notion that we are God’s toddlers. A little wobbly sometimes, but we contain a full measure of divine attributes that we can develop.

Gratitude is magnetic.  The more gratitude we show, the more blessings show up for us to receive. All we have to do is allow them in.
Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.

Jo Lyn


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