Our Eternal Family Circle

Our Eternal Family Circle

Our Eternal Family Circle

In the wee hours of the morning
I awoke
And the questions came…

Are there offensive entities attacking our family?

Long story short,
I used the process I learned in the Temple
And in The Body Code
And my Sacred Spiritual Gifts
And cast these offensive energies,
Evil spirits, curses, and saboteurs
Away from us and to the light
Where they are accountable before God.

I asked that sentinel Angels stand guard around us,
protecting us from evil influences…

And downloaded more light and love from God
To fill all the quantum spaces where they had been hiding…

So who were they, and what were they trying to do?
They were Legions of Evil Spirits…
Trying to stop us from loving one another…
Trying to break up the love and the joy we feel in our family…

Some came through the cracks of broken relationships…
Mistakes, hurt feelings, personal struggles and fears…
Expanding the distances between our hearts through pride in its many forms.

Others jump to us or attach to the auras around us
From neighbors houses….
From workplaces…
From any place they can leap from…
Heckling and mocking…
At the chance to destroy an otherwise eternal family….
All with the desire to stop us from loving one another.

Blessedly, in my meditative work,
I recognize the offensive infestations and send them to the Light,
To be accountable before God.
Sometimes I weary in this well doing…
But I manage to keep going as-long-as is needed….

Are they gone?
Did they go to the Light?
Can I rest now?

This quiet battle is over…
But the war still wages on…
And our eternal happiness together will be the prize if we can win….

Inside our own family is the key to our salvation.
Can we lay down our pride
And misunderstandings
And fears…

And pick up the olive branch of forgiveness
And kindness
And trust…

And just love one another?
Let us seek to heal our wounds from the inside out…
To stop resisting the lessons life shows us daily
And open to allowing a greater measure of
The Pure Love of Christ,
The Blessings from God the Father
and The Whispering of the Holy Spirit
To permeate our souls with joy…
And kindness…
And Love.

Look within.
Seek the Light.
Love One Another.

Sending each of us bounteous blessings of Love…
From Me…
And from our Guardian Angels
(Those who wake me up to do this work).

Love One Another

He Is Risen

He Is Risen

He is Risen

This Easter morning, I reflect on my belief in Jesus Christ.

I spent ten years of my life as an owner / operator of a small elder care home, where I and my staff cared for elderly and disabled residents in my own home.

In caregiving, it is important to honor the personal beliefs and perspectives of those you care for. Their religious views may differ from yours, but the caregiver’s role is to be supportive. I was often asked about my beliefs. I would reply that I am a person of great faith. That gave comfort without judgment.

I learned so many lessons from this time of intense immersion in the lives of others who were nearing their time of passing from this life to the next. There is a great amount of internal spiritual work that people do near the end of mortal life – even by those who suffer from dementia or mental health issues.

In those ten years, many passed away in my care home.
All but one of them were people of faith.
While they did have different religious views, all except that one expressed faith in God. Those who professed faith experienced passings that were calm, sweet, and sacred experiences for them and their families.

Except one… who professed to be an atheist. A widow, this woman had one son (an alcoholic) and two friends (a couple) who occasionally visited, who were also professed atheists. When her heart condition worsened and the doctors said nothing more could be done medically to extend her life, her son never came again, and her friends came only once more. They took me aside and told me that none of them would come again, because the end of life was so frightening and depressing.

Abandoned at the last by her son and her friends, it was my caregivers who sat by her side for hours, holding her hand and bringing what comfort they could as she did her end of life internal spiritual work. Sometimes, she would be apparrently sleeping, then suddenly sit upright and begin shrieking, even screaming, as though she had seen demons on the other side. Perhaps she did, I do not know.

It seems logical to me, a believer, that if one rejects God, one is then open to the influence of the enemy of God. Nonetheless, full of fear, this woman essentially died alone… except for the presence of those who attended her on this side of the veil, and those who awaited her on the other side according to her choices… as it is for us all.

For me, this ten year caregiving experience was a profound eye-opener. I saw such a dramatic difference in the end results of the lives of those who chose faith versus those who consciously chose fear.

And I am eternally grateful for the rich heritage of blessings and I receive each and every day through my choice to believe in my Savior Jesus Christ.

I choose love. I choose faith. I choose hope. I choose life.

He is Risen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
It is done, it is done, it is done.

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