Self Care, Relaxation and Authentic Healing

Self Care, Relaxation and Authentic Healing

Self care has become a big part of my path toward authentic healing… getting my autonomic nervous system to function in parasympathetic (healing) mode rather than always in sympathetic (fight flight) mode.

Some of my favorite self care methods include intermittent fasting, clean nutrition, clean air, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, energy healing, meditation, infrared sauna sessions, neuromovement exercises, and letting myself sleep when I’m tired.

Learning to accept, love and listen to the wisdom of my body is a big change from the old mistaken childhood belief that I was somehow “bad”, “dirty”,”unwanted” or “unworthy” simply because I was born a girl. That unhelpful mis-perception kept me in struggle for years, as I tried to “prove my worth” by always doing more and more and more. I became an over-achiever, taking on both masculine AND feminine roles in life and trying to fix everything for everyone around me. Yes, eventually I burned out – completely. My body finally had to force me to STOP and take time to heal.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve learned to graciously let go of others’ expectations, and let them take charge of themselves.  I have become able to set and hold healthy boundaries, and to more clearly hear my own inner voice and discern true priorities.

Surprisingly, my need to take time for healing has not been met with disdain or judgement, as I expected. I am being nurtured and treated gently, even though I am not physically able to contribute as much in daily life as I did previously.

In terms of authentic healing – being able to feel safe enough to truly relax is key! 

Today, rather than rushing through a shower, I took a long, hot leisurly bath… and became quite motivated… to relax!
And my husband is totally okay with me resting… he’s lovingly calling me his beauty queen!


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