End of Life Wisdom

End of Life Wisdom

End of Life Wisdom, as overheard by my friend, Silvia Bollinger, a Hospice Nurse:

I have a new hospice client that I met yesterday. I was given an amazing gift, a gift of clarity, a message. The client was sitting next to her husband and she was asking “I never know what God wants me to do or where God wants me to be, I just know that God delivers me to certain places.”
She continued saying that as a child and even now she wonders:

“What should I do with my life? Where should I go? Am I doing it correctly, am on the right path???”

I certainly have asked these same questions. The husband turned to her lovingly and said…
“You are here at this moment where you need to be, that is where God wants from you, this moment.”

The key is this moment and whatever path you walk on, that is your path for this moment in time. Stay on your path my friends. – Sylvia Bollinger, Hospice Nurse

MJR_BLR wedding Life Wisdom
PHOTO: my parents, Milton and Betty Rasmussen on their wedding day. – Jo Lyn Cornelsen

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