Hummingbird Message

I love to see the hummingbirds that have been visiting our backyard for the past weeks.
Surprisingly, they’ve not yet migrated for the winter.
Today, I asked, “What is the message you have for me?”
The answer?
An echo and confirmation of the intention to be fully present,
and align with the Divine Spirit within.

Hummingbird Message

“A hummingbird animal totem can offer you endless insight and effervescent wisdom.

The fluttering wings of the hummingbird move in the pattern of an infinity symbol – further solidifying their symbolism of eternity, continuity, and infinity.

The hummingbird animal totem is a messenger of hope and jubilation.

Some hummingbirds are known to wing their way as far as 2000 miles to reach their destination.
This quality reminds us to be persistent in the pursuit of our dreams,
and adopt the tenacity of the hummingbird in our lives.

The prime message of the hummingbird animal totem is:
“The sweetest nectar is within!”




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