28 Day Gratitude Practice

28 Day Gratitude Practice

Today I completed a 28 Day Gratitude Practice…
28 days of focused attention to blessings great and small…

What I appreciate most about the experience is that
my morning meditative self talk focus has shifted from
“what do I need to clear” (focused on the past) to 
“what am I grateful for”… (focused on the present)…
And in the present moment, 
I am laying the foundation for future moments… 
of greater gratitude and joy.

I have been trying to resolve some physical health issues,
and knowing that there is an underlying mental, emotional, energetic
component to every disease and disorder,
I have developed the habit of waking up each day,
searching my mind for what I need to clear out of my psyche…

That “clearing” practice has been helpful in digging up and airing out
long forgotten unpleasant experiences, and allowing the biochemistry processing to complete…

But at some point, my habitual thought pattern became so focused on past wounds that I forgot to appreciate that I don’t live in my past anymore…

And I am much better served by being grateful,
in the present moment,
for blessings great and small…

Habits of thought are created through repetition, so, with the help of some special friends, I employed Rhonda Byrne’s “The Magic” (book 3 in the series of “The Secret”) as the structure for my 28 Day Gratitude Practice.
The first time through, I created the structure for our practice in the Facebook group, but my actual personal practice fizzled out…

Until one of my friends said “Let’s start this up again.”
This time, I am so happy to report that I completed each of the 28 Day Gratitude Practice prompts, with full purpose of heart…
and The Magic truly began to happen!

My energy lightened.
My spirits lifted.
I began looking for things to be grateful for.
I focused on noticing the joy…
And as I did, more joyful things appeared!

New clients showed up – effortless abundance!
I found the energy to deep clean my home – definite progress!
I received unexpected checks in the mail – a welcome surprise!

Today I woke up with gratitude phrases in my mind…
and found my body beginning to cooperate gently and joyfully…
“Thank you for my strong, healthy body.”
“Thank you for full range of motion.”
“Thank you for full relaxation.”
“Thank you for standing tall and walking strong.”
“Thank you for all the love in my life.”

As I write this post, a children’s song comes to mind…
from the Children’s Songbook…
one that I taught my own little ones…
a song of saying thank you… thank you… thank you…
a song of receiving divine love…

“Children All Over the World”

All over the world at the end of day,
Heav’nly Father’s children kneel down and pray,
Each saying thank you in his own special way,
Saying thank you, thank you in his own special way.
“Gracias.” (grah-see-ahs) 
“Malo.” (mah-loh) 
“Wir danken dir.” (veer don-ken deer)
All over the world tender voices hear.
Some say “tak,” (tahk) 
others “merci,” (mare-see)
“Kansha shimasu,” (kahn-shah shee-mah-sue) 
We thank thee.
Our Heavenly Father hears them;
He understands each tongue.
Our Heav’nly Father knows them;
He loves them,
loves them,
ev’ry one.

Words: Peggy Hill Ryskamp, b. 1949. © 1975 IRI
Music: Beth Groberg Stratton, b. 1944. © 1975 IRI
Children’s Songbook of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

A Magic Morning

A Magic Morning

28 Day Gratitude Practice Day 11

“When you wake up to the new day, before you do a single thing, say the magic words, ‘thank you.’ From the moment you open your eyes until you’ve finished getting ready, say the magic words, ‘thank you’ in your mind for everything you touch and use. “ – From “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne

Sharing your gratitude contributes to the positive energy on the planet.
Join our 28 Day Gratitude group and experience the shift.

The Magical Way Out of Negativity

The Magical Way Out of Negativity

The Magical Way Out of Negativity

“Choose one problem or negative situation in your life that you most want to resolve.
List ten things that you are grateful for about the negative situation.
At the end of your list, write, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you for the perfect resolution.’

Just for today, see if you can get through the day without saying anything negative.
If you notice yourself thinking or saying something negative, use the Magic Lifeline.
Stop immediately and say, ‘But I have to say that I am really grateful for __________ .’ ”
– From “The Magic”, by Rhonda Byrne

Join us in our 28 Day Gratitude Practice

The Gift of Health

The Gift of Health

The Gift of Health

The Gift of Health: Magical Health Practice

“On a piece of paper or a card, write the words,
‘The Gift of Health is Keeping Me Alive.’

Place your piece of paper with your written words where you know you will see it often today.
On at least four occasions, read the words very slowly, and feel as grateful as you can for the precious gift of health.”

This is day 4 of my 28 Day Gratitude Practice, inspired by “The Magic”, by Rhonda Bryne.

I find I am seeing things differently already…
These new, more positive perspectives are magnetic.
I am excited to see what today brings.

May you be blessed with an extra measure of the Gift of Health.
Jo Lyn

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings – the inspiration and the structure for my 28 Day Gratitude Practice comes from “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. This first exercise, to be repeated for 28 days, is called the “Count Your Blessings Practice”.

Count Your Blessings Practice

“First thing in the morning, make a list of ten blessings in your life you are grateful for.  Write why you are grateful for each blessing.  Go back and read your list, either in your mind or out loud.  When you get to the end of each one, say the magic words, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, and feel the gratitude for that blessing as much as you possibly can. Repeat the Count Your Blessings Practice for the next 27 days.”

This reminds me of the Christian Hymn, Count Your Many Blessings
“Count your many blessings, name them one by one.
Count your many blessings, see what God has done.”

Whether we look at the conditions of our lives as trials or blessings is simply a matter of perspective.
And perspective is a choice.
Maybe that’s where the magic comes from …
Our own choice of perspective…
I choose joy.

Counting My Blessings…
Jo Lyn Cornelsen

28 Day Gratitude Practice

28 Day Gratitude Practice

28 Day Gratitude Practice

I am beginning my New Year by Counting My Blessings with a 28 Day Gratitude Practice, introduced to me by my soul friend Jeanie Brosius King, and based on the book “The Magic”, by Rhonda Byrne. Here’s 10 things I am grateful for this morning.

I am excited to see what comes up for me each day as the practice progresses… as I count my blessings.  Will my thoughts of gratitude tend to be specific or general? Will my day to day activities be more important to me than taking time to be grateful?  Will I really find 10 different things to write about each day for 28 days?  If I can do it, I will complete this 28 day gratitude practice with a list of 280 blessings accounted for.

Well, I think I can do this… or I wouldn’t have agreed to begin.  I can do it because I live a lifestyle that allows me to sleep until completely rested, and my first waking thoughts include a practice of meditative prayer.  This early morning hour is for me, sacred, grounding, balancing, centering and connecting.  It feeds my soul.  And for that, I am most grateful.

So here’s my first 10 things I am grateful for on this first of my 28 Day Gratitude Practice.

  1. Life itself.
  2. My husband.
  3. Each of our children. There’s 5 of them…
  4. Each of our grandchildren… 14 so far, and more to come…
  5. A comfortable bed to sleep in, a roof over my head, and the beautiful trees that connect me with the Creator of All Things…Oh wait… that’s more than 10 things, and I have 27 more days of gratitude to go!

Sending blessings of gratitude, abundance of joy to the world in this New Year of 2016
Jo Lyn Cornelsen

THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne

“The Count Your Blessings and Magic Rock practices will ensure that you begin and end your days in a state of gratitude, In fact, they are so powerful that together they would change your life in a few months, But this book is designed to change your life really fast through an abundance of magical practices. Because gratitude is magnetic and attracts more things to be grateful for, the concentration of gratitude over 28 days will intensify the magnetic force of our gratitude. When you have a strong magnetic force of gratitude, like magic, you will automatically magnetize everything you want and need to you!” The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne, page 39

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