Gratitude for My Creature Comforts

Gratitude for My Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts – Day 2 of My 28 Day Gratitude Practice

What comes to mind today for my 28 day gratitude practice day 2, is that I am grateful for my creature comforts. I’m talking about the things that I take for granted in daily life… things that my ancestors and that people in some cultures of the world today do not have access to.  And I wonder, why am I so blessed to have been born in a place and time where I could experience so many creature comforts?  Why, in the design of this great universe, did I come into this mortal life in such a space and time as this? Who am I? What am I? Do I matter? “I think, therefore I am.”

I love that my thoughts are so clear in the early morning – and at that time I feel so connected and aligned with divine spirit. It brings joy to my soul.

I Love and Appreciate My Creature Comforts

Here are my joyful creature comforts for today, the 2nd day of my 28 day gratitude practice – creature comforts:
1. A warm bed. And it is comfortable.
2. Toilets that flush.  And yes, mine is in a private bathroom just off the master bedroom of our home. So I am grateful for my bedroom and my adjoining bathroom, too. No, this painted throne is not mine.  I found this photo on a real estate listing.  I thought it remarkable that the owner loves their throne so much that they painted it so beautifully and with such obvious love and appreciation. I am grateful that this one is actually NOT mine…. 🙂  Mine is simple, white in color, and it flushes.
3. Indoor plumbing…  I’m talking the ability to turn on a tap and instantly receive my choice of hot or cold running water… or lukewarm if I wish. So that means I am grateful for a working well, and for the water filtering system, too.
4. Electricity.  Without electrical power, our well wouldn’t work. And the rest of our utilities wouldn’t work. And I wouldn’t be so comfortable in daily life. So that brings me to my next thing.
5. Electric lights.  And light bulbs.  So I can, with a flick of the switch, illuminate any room in my house that I want to go into.
6. Electric heat. This is such a creature comfort on these long cold winter days. We live in a mild climate, but still cold in winter.  I don’t have to chop wood or build a fire to feel warm.  And if one room feels a little bit cold to me – I can turn the heat up or turn on the space heater any time I want.  Hmmm… that is a pretty powerful result for such a small, tiny action. Effortless even.  Such a different experience than what was the norm in generations past… and the conditions that still exist in some places of this world.
7. Soft, warm socks.  In the summer, I love to be barefoot.  I walk better that way – more balanced.  But in the winter, I love my soft, warm socks keeping my feet cushioned and warm. Mmmmm.
8. Shoes that fit me.  And that I can actually walk in. And that’s a story for another day.
9. The beautiful Belgian wool carpet in my bedroom. And for the trip to Belgium, but that, too, is a story for another day. Besides being gorgeous, this carpet, one of my favorite creature comforts, is thick and soft enough for me to be comfortable doing my morning stretching exercises on – including the Yoga Plank exercise. Yes, I am doing a 28 day Yoga Plank challenge with my daughter… along with this 28 day gratitude practice. I have a short enough attention span that  New Year Resolutions often get forgotten just a few weeks into the year.  But 28 days?  I can do that!!
10. Grocery stores.  Yep, I am really grateful that less that 3 miles from our home is a grocery store where I can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, and pretty much anything I want to eat.  The prices are reasonable and it is open 24 hours a day.  Now that is a creature comfort. Mmmm again.

Thank you for listening to my 28 Day Gratitude Practice Creature Comforts ramblings.  Because this is my personal 28 days of gratitude practice, it is totally ok for me to be talking completely about myself. And I am grateful for that, as I love to talk.

You are invited to my 28 days of gratitude party, and to create your own 28 day gratitude party if you want to. If you do, I’d love to be invited to yours, too. Gratitude is magnetic. The more we share words of gratitude, the more things will show up for us to be grateful for.

Jo Lyn Cornelsen

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