Discover Your Sacred Gifts

Discover Your Sacred Gifts

Your Sacred Gifts

Early on in my holistic healing process, I took a wonderful course called “Discover Your Sacred Gifts”.  Now, I am certified to lead it. Revisiting the course was revealing – my gifts had not changed, but having transitioned to a new life season, I find I am using my sacred gifts differently.

This insightful personal growth training illuminated aspects of my individuality that I had often dismissed as unimportant, because they appeared unhelpful in my efforts to follow what other people viewed as “proven paths to success”.  I learned that rather than being random characteristics, these aspects are actually my own unique set of spiritual gifts.  I like to call them “Soul Strengths”, because they reside in you on your soul level.

You came into this world with your own unique set of spiritual gifts, designed to help you fulfill your life’s mission.  They are like power tools inside you.  When activated, these gifts empower you to do things with extraordinary grace, accomplishment and ease.  I encourage you to “Discover Your Sacred Gifts” and begin to make life choices that help you feel more free, more on-purpose, and more in-joy.

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