Quality Nurse Consultants

“Sometimes, the only thing holding us back is ourselves.”  This comment from a friend lit the fire for me to create Quality Nurse Consultants, even though at the time, I had no idea how to build a business.  What I did have was the purpose, skills, and credentials to fill a need in the community. So I bootstrapped, learning as I went along.  Landing agreements in Washington and Oregon, during 15+ years, I taught 3000+ students to provide quality care for elderly and disabled residents in community based settings, using my own 48 hour Adult Family Home Administrator Training Curriculum as well as the state created courses.

Five years into the training business, I opened and operated Wisteria Gardens, my own elder care facility.  After 10 years, it was time for change and growth.  Noticing global mobile communication trends, I began to focus on internet media and marketing for business, and holistic healing for personal growth.  Now, I combine the two, offering online media services for select clients, and giving back by leading others through processes designed to help them create a beautiful life by design.

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